Founded in 2016, the Canberra Writer’s Festival has become a beloved event in the national literary calendar – a favourite amongst Australia’s reading, writing and publishing communities.  

Canberra is the centre of the nation’s decision and policy making, but it is also a city of poets, authors, journalists, artists and experts. The festival’s perennial theme ‘Power Politics Passion’ captures the depth and breadth of what makes Canberra unique. 

The festival celebrates literature, ideas, and storytelling in all its forms and provides a platform for both established and emerging writers to share their work and engage with audiences.  

CWF is a place where diverse thinkers come together to explore the big questions that occupy our nation’s consciousness: What do we value? Whose stories are heard? How do we reckon with the past and imagine the future? 

The festival’s lively and varied program of events includes master classes, dinners, author talks, panel discussions, workshops, book launches, and performances. All set against the backdrop of some of Australia’s most iconic national institutions.