SPECIAL EVENT • National Press Club Lunch

The Lucky Laundry

Nathan Lynch In Conversation With Michael West

11.30AM – 1.30PM
National Press Club of Australia

Australia is awash with dirty money. Go undercover with financial crime expert Nathan Lynch as he delves deep inside this hidden world to explain how dark money has infected the lives of ordinary people and tainted Australian democracy.



Nathan Lynch is a writer and international speaker who has spent two decades investigating the hidden world of dark money that fuels organised crime, corruption and violent extremism around the globe. He has appeared across the world's leading media outlets as an international expert on financial crime and has trained police, government officials and bankers on the techniques the world's criminals use to conceal and clean their dirty money. He is the author of The Lucky Laundry.



Michael West is a Walkley award-winning journalist who has worked as a stockbroker and business editor. He started his career with The Australian Financial Review and worked most recently with The Sydney Morning Herald where he conducted investigations into multinational tax avoidance and bank fraud among other things. He is the founder of MichaelWestMedia, a news website specialising in investigative journalism in the areas of business, finance, tax, and energy.