The Write Stuff

Moderator: Genevieve Jacobs • Chris Flynn, Debra Oswald and Marion Frith

4.00 PM – 5.00 PM
Members' Dining Room
Museum of Australian Democracy

An unlikely friendship in the aftermath of a terrorist attack, an ethical and psychological conundrum, and a requiem for lost worlds and lost time — our writers speak about their literary visions, passions, and practices.



Chris Flynn is the author of Mammoth, The Glass Kingdom and A Tiger in Eden. His fiction and non- fiction have been widely published, and he is a regular presenter at literary festivals across Australia. His latest book, Horridus: Journey of a Triceratops, chronicles the 67-million-year voyage across deep time of one of the most remarkable fossils ever discovered.



Debra is a two-time winner of the NSW Premier’s Literary Award and creator/head writer of the first five seasons of television series Offspring. Her stage plays have been performed around the world. She has written television scripts (including Bananas in Pyjamas and Police Rescue), nine books for children and three adult novels. Her new novel is The Doctor's Wife. Debra recently performed a sell-out season at Griffin Theatre of her one-woman show, Is There Something Wrong With That Lady?



Marion Frith is a former journalist, communications specialist and speechwriter. She has written and worked for major Australian newspapers and the ABC as a social and political commentator. She was based for many years in the Canberra Press Gallery and regularly wrote as a journalist on the political becoming personal, and how government policy and decision-making impacts individual lives from a social justice perspective. Marion’s debut novel, Here in the After, is the story of the aftermath of terrorism, based loosely on the 2014 siege in the Lindt café in Sydney.



Genevieve Jacobs is the group editor for Region Media, Australia's fastest growing digital news platform. She has been a journalist for 30 years, working in print and radio. She works with a wide range of Canberra organisations and chairs the ACT Arts Minister's Creative Advisory Council and co-chairs the ACT Reconciliation Council.